Nicole's odd life

By oddlife

Shed shed shed!!

We have the sheeeeeeeeed and it's up and it'

Super productive day today with my parents and brother around.

Shed area dug and slabs put down. Shed roof with waterproof coating put on. Shed erected. Broom handles sawn to plug up gap where the roof meets for when the felt is put on. Grass cut (by me) and all evil bushes in garden killed by neighbours petrol lawnmower. Clothes-line pole taken out of the ground. Line for putting a fence in decided upon with neighbours. Loads of grass and other clippings from bushes removed to the tip and also a failed bonfire, which is where this picture comes in.

There was lots of twigs and what not, but we couldn't get it going. We used a whole phonebook trying. Maybe tomorrow?

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