Still Alive

By rinkkasatiainen

Rantakerttu, again

Thank you all for the congratulations yesterday - I kept on reading them the whole day. Again and again.!

Still the girls away. Seeing them tomorrow, though.

Went for a hamburger/beer to the nearby Rantakerttu. The one with the best hamburgers in town. Two mates joining me - discussed until midnight.

Having a beer in the evening with friends is really worth the time (I hope I feel the same tomorrow while driving to the girls).

Having mates with which chat on the things happening around us. Things close to our heart. Having them there to talk to. Being heard. I hope we all enjoyed the time as much as I did.

Listening is a skill. It's so nice to have friends around us who obsess the skill.


ps. This is for you guys - You know I'll would blip on the evening (as discussed)
For me blipping gives me not only a chance to get better photographer, but also a good excuse for moments to stop during the day and to observe what's happening around me. Since it's not only the photographs - it's the moments that matter.
And, to be hones, it's not only the moments rather than the feelings behind.


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