All that is beautiful

By sharob

Right. Sort it out.

My blips have been far too miserable of late.

I have worked out that we can visit the library, surestart children's centre and after a quick chat with the nursery manager, I can take the girls in there and assist the staff with activities so excellent! Mum made a few comments about Mr G which, to a point I agree with. He doesn't spend time with the children during the week but that's normal, but whilst we've been here he has cooked every night and he and I have washed up every night. My mum and step dad haven't so much as lifted a cloth or broom this last 2 weeks. I've arranged with a friend of ours that Mr G go and stay with him for a few nights 'travelling', he does travel a lot for work so it wouldn't appear suspicious at all. I need him to get away and relax. I'm getting claustrophobic and feeling very un-confident right now but only I can make myself bounce back. First priority, get Mr G away so he can relax, second, just sort my beautiful girls and enjoy them ... Mum, she doesn't even know how she hurts me and she'll never see that her comments are hurtful. So long as I stay quiet, all good. 2 weeks. 2 weeks.

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