Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

For Thy Good Valour

"I will reward thee
Once for thy sprightly comfort, and tenfold
For thy good valour. Come thee on."

- Antony, in Antony and Cleopatra, by William Shakespeare

My wee lad has been trying a few times to get a reward. It was for something we were pretty keen to extinguish, so we set up a chart for two entire weeks; 100% meant he could get a present - which for him means a car. ;-)

After a couple of misfires, he finally got it sorted, and finished two good weeks this week. He wanted "that biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig GTR" so we went to the toy shop. They had the newest GTR in a few different colours ... but he was having none of it. He wanted the previous R34 GTR Skyline in bayside blue (I should mention at this point that he is 4) ;-)

An-y-way ... So we went to the model shop, where indeed we found a very cool bayside blue R34 GTR - for $90. We weren't keen on paying that much, especially since we anticipated fairly rapid diecast destruction. Rather than trying a third shop though, he decided (quite emphatically, in fact) that he was having this bright yellow Porsche Cayman.

So we got it. And indeed diecast destruction has ensued: shortly after I took this, he pulled off one of the front wheels, and just before dinner a wing mirror got detached. Yay for superglue, is all I can say.

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