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By anth

It Don't Mean a Thing, If You 'Aint Got That Swing

Match reduced to 36 overs: Scotland 223-8; Northants 211-6 - Scotland win by 12 runs.

Really nice relaxed day. Usual Figgy wander with more Cygnet Cuteness and a strolling Duckling. Then home, in the rain swept garden, the fox appeared (and would have been blipped but for the cricket). The cat was in the garden at the time, but comfortably dry on her usual seat under the gazebo - so she watched as he tested the mesh on the chicken run with an, "I could chase you out if I wanted to," attitude.

Then to the cricket with Iain for a wonderfully easy-going afternoon, as the sun came out gloriously, and Scotland's cricketers proved more than a match for Northants (not a bad side at all!). Was looking at becoming a tight finish until a few overs from the end with a quick three wickets slowing down the run chase. Coetzer's century for Scotland, assured throughout, was the keystone for the entire innings.

Many many alternative blips (and ergo Momentum entries), but I liked the tight shot here:

Full Pelt
Waiting Game

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