The second half of life..

By twigs

Rising Stars

I have a big job on my hands at the moment. I volunteerd last year to do it so no problems there - but things have changed a bit now...........

What I'd originally understood to be the deadline has crept closer - and Wednesday is now D-Day!

Needless to say I've been head down, bum up working to get it done. It will get done - it's amazing how centred and focussed one can get when the pressure is on.

(This is basically why I'm behind on my blips, haven't taken much time or care with my blips and have been very poor on the commenting side. Normal service will resume after Wednesday - I hope!!)

Took some time out today to go and check in with M who is heading this project and whilst I was there enjoyed watching some of the country's rising netball stars playing in the National Under 19 and Under 21 tournament.

Now back to the planning board.

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