horns of wilmington's cow

By anth


Obligatory cat shot having failed in the 'interesting self-portrait' idea I've had - more thought/ability required. If you want to know how to do a portrait right (whether self or not) then personally I reckon Max Ellis is the master. Not that he'll need the viewing-bump after his other half, the divine Diva (not a bad portaitist either really), featured in the latest BlipVid.

Interesting to see just how little the Murdochs knew (or said they knew...) about what was going on in their media empire today. Lying or utterly incompetent? Worrying that such riches can be made from either personality-disfunction.

Time to put on the French radio app and brush up my language skills again - looks like we've decided on (and booked...) a third trip to France in three years - we'll be driving to Brittany in September for ten days. Génial!

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