air and kilometers

By brittanielynn

dinner with dames

Today I slaved away at my curriculum map and now I am officially 85% done and I know one of the upcoming nights is going to be an all nighter. Seriously.

I also had a war over the phone with my mother who is livid about me buying my wedding dress without her seeing it first. Quite stressful, but par for the course, I suppose. This is our fifth heated argument about topics of the same nature. She doesn't seem to understand that stephen and I are capable of making good decisions on our own. This wedding, however, will prove to everyone that we are capable of setting a goal, working towards it, and achieving it with flair. We're working hard, saving much, and planning smart. What more can anyone ask? You'll get your party, I guarantee it.

So amidst working and arguing came dinner plans with two girls from church, Sherin and Stephanie. Sherin i'm already decently close to, but i'm just getting to know Stephanie. Stephanie is going to be counseling at camp for a week while I'm there too. I'm pretty excited actually. She seems like a really nice, down to earth girl. It's her first time at iroquoina, so I'm excited to see how she likes it!

We chatted at the diner a great deal, and I got my favorite Greek salad! It was pleasant, but I was excited to come home to my main squeeze, Stephen. I didn't see him yesterday and I was already going through withdrawal! How am I going to handle two whole weeks?? Who on earth knows!

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