Restoring My Faith in Humanity

I was considering shooting some images of Poppy playing with her toys, when she suddenly stood up and pointed outside for a moment before holding this expression for several seconds.. I was able to fire five frames.. That's a long time for Poppy to face in the general direction of the lens. I have no idea what she was contemplating but the way there is a suggestion of her biting her bottom lip and her soul showing itself in her eyes reaffirms how delicate and precious she is too me and restores my faith in the human race and my future on this planet.

Here's a Larger Version and Cryno suggested I should also link to the Colour Version. Which one do you prefer?

Over here in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, Spring is in the air so let's put one in all our steps... Have a wonderful weekend Blippers. Congratulations and celebrations to Granny Maureen on your Birthday...

EDIT: I've added a texture to the Ready to Print Version

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