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Still Life With Plums

It seems impossible to get away from the cottage recently. I had a number of options in recent days but local events intervened in almost every case, and today I have been mostly pouring over the laptop again, trying to fix a number of unrelated bugs that have smitten it, knowing that another fresh set of headaches await next time I fire up the steam-powered PC in my study. It has been struck dumb by Windows updating it with an incompatible audio driver. Downloading the right one involves complexities that I'm sure would baffle Einstein.

I did manage to get out as far as the garden briefly. I have had to saw off another couple of young branches from my beech tree in an attempt to restore my satellite signal, which was dropping out over the weekend when gusts of wind blew the leafy branches in front of the dish.

At the bottom of the garden, my plum tree has produced a bumper bounty of Victoria plums. I was amazed to see how tall the tree has become until a mathematical calculation revealed how impossibly long ago I planted it. I picked a large carrier bag full of them, fighting my way through blackberry brambles to get round it, and only picked plums within easy reach, and a few blackberries that were very tasty. There are plenty more plums, especially on the higher branches I couldn't reach and those overhanging into next door's garden. Those shown here are just a sample of what I picked.

Oddly, the birds seem to have left them largely alone. It was important to test them for ripeness, obviously, and I can confirm they are delicious.

Day #494
Blip #492
Consecutive Blip #489

Lens: Pentax 50-200mm (Close-up lens +2)

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