LocalBoy & His Fotographs

By stevenbirrell

Tommy Tourist Walking Round Soho

Didn't think I'd be blipping tonight but there is a PC here in the hotel and a printer with SD card reader which is a bit of a bonus.

Had a meeting in central London and then went for dinner at an Italian in Soho called Bocca Di Lupo, really good food and great service. Grabbed this blip walking through the streets on way back to the tube. Not very exciting admittedly, but there is something about Stage Doors that always makes me look in to see what, if anything, is going on. Nothing tonight as it happens, presumably everyone too busy focusing on the performance of Yes Prime Minister.

The wee Nikon is trying its best but its on its last legs. Tried to get a nice shot of the hotel to blip but every shot was blurry - possibly a bad workman blaming his tools!

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