365 at last!

365 consecutive blips. Wow. I made it. The pressure is on to now hit 400, I guess. The past year of blipping has been an enjoyable experience. Some photos are excellent, some are acts of desperation, most are good or competent. Almost all are taken on goofy little pocket point-and-shoot cameras that are getting a bit old and cranky or on my aging iPhone 3G. That said, you have to make the best of what you have so composition counts, subject, and lighting. This is especially evident today. Overcast weather made for weak lighting. The beercaps come from a tin of caps I have on a shelf where I put them all. When full, I take them to the Beer Store for recycling. I thought I'd use a selection of caps on a cutting board as a means to celebrate my 365th. Cheers!

I have to first thank blipster John Van de Graaff for introducing me to blipping. I was visiting his home a year ago to go through his famous father's papers when he blipped me at work on them a year ago today. Last month my wife and I visited John and Marylee so I could continue my research and thus also had a mini blipmeet (photos begin here).

I must thank my wife, Linda, who was the third member of the aforementioned blipmeet but who upon my 70th blip signed herself up and has been blipping very successfully ever since under the handle of Watt's Up? which is a clever turn on her maiden name Watt and the word upload giving a short form for "Watt's upload of the day." - and her comments sign as lindee.

Posting a daily blip forces me to do something creative every day. I am a writer by trade and desire but most of my work is business writing of one kind or another. Or related to my studies as a mature student. In a year, I will complete my master's degree in Science & Technology Studies and have time to write for myself again.

My subjects, like most, tend to be from workplace (York University) or from home and environs. In July, Linda and I both posted blips from our trip to Boston and Cape Cod as well as our blipmeet with John in Northampton, Massachusetts. Linda and I also participated in a blipmeet in Toronto back in March and we are looking forward to another one day. It is very nice to meet and chat with other blipsters. Or is that blippers?

I have posted backblips which you can view starting here, then click leftwards back in time. I often try to capture a blip for one of the weekly or ongoing challenges in the the forum section. They are often handy when struggling for a subject to shoot.

Other milestone blips: #1, #100, #200, and #300.

My blipfolio doesn't get a lot of viewings but does contain my favourite photos of those I've posted. Do have a look.

Thanks again to one and all who have posted comments and/or subscribed.

Thanks again to my wife who, although starting 70 days after me, is about to surpass my views count in a day or two. She already has more than 6 times the subscribers I have. Well done, sweetie. Your 300th is coming up next week and your 365th in a couple of months. Looking forward to those milestones - and everything in between!

Two weekends hence I will be in Chicago. First time in 20 or 21 years. I'll be meeting John's brother Bill and his family. I'll be sure to post some blips from Chicago and environs. Ciao!

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