One of five a day

By KiloRomeo

Ian and friends

It was, is, and is going to be WET.

On our festival outing, Miss KiloRomeo - a chip off the old block, and who knows everything - insisted that she wasn't eight anymore and could wear whatever footwear she wanted in the rain, because she knew where to step. If she felt any discomfort in the flimsy cloth shoes, she certainly didn't complain about it.

It took hours to decide what to watch and the first choice was the well recommended, "Piff the Magic Dragon" Not surprisingly, by the time we got there, it was sold out.

Enroute, I tagged behind pointing my camera here and there. By the time I caught up, I found Ian conversing with the girls in Hindi, with fluency you would expect of a native speaker. He had spent much time in the Himalayan foothills and now lived in Aberdeen. He had the most cheerful attitude and a twinkle in his eyes. When I asked him if I could post a photo of him in my journal, he joked, "sirf bees pound" (only 20 pounds). We laughed and I offered to buy him a drink. (see Ian) It was then that I noticed a redheaded lady was following our conversation closely. It turns out she and Ian had just met and was happy to be photographed too. Just as I was framing the shot, the second lady appeared and joined the group.

They were a most cheerful and happy lot. Such is the spirit of the festival! I didn't get any more shots as the exposed lens of the compact had got quite wet by now.

Eventually, we went to The Gilded Balloon for a stand up comedy show called "Luxury Tramp". Jessica Fostekew's gags were about her privileged upbringing and paradoxically, her down to earth nature. It wasn't the most I'd laughed in my life, but I'd recommend her for her attittude, authenticity and rapport with her audience.

Thank you for sharing the spirit of this festival in my recent blips and your comments.

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