Swampy marsh land

I pass this place everyday and haven't had time to stop until today. Its been something that has fascinated me as I've driven by.

The swampy marsh is full of dead, dying and decaying trees and stumps. It is only a small and looks intriguing when the sun is shining on it, or when it is covered in ice

Today neither was happening but I thought it looked good all the same. The area is surrounded by lush green fields and trees and is really quite out of place. Today as I walked around it I could feel the spongyness of the ground which was still covered in the remains of the autumn leaves which crunched underfoot. There was a variety of pond life, gnats and and other beasties that I have no name for. I'm glad I stopped.
The colour version is here , I really liked them both though.

I've been on a training course today about administering medication. An excellent course and well delivered which makes such a huge difference.

Monday over and a day nearer the weekend.

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