Clark Tales

By cclark


MEH lack of sleep sucks! But I will get through it, I got through Drunk July which was a lack of sleep and consumed with alcohol! However it was by far and away the worst day of work EVER Lots of reasons amounted to this. But the main one was tiredness from the night before and also being led up the garden path about something at work, only to find the goal posts had moved! never felt so mucked around before!

However when work was over it was time to P.A.R.T.Y! At skyfest! It was great to go along and chill out for free to some good music provided by Eliza Doolittle and Texas as well as the dogems and some other crazy scary fairground rides! We did end up back at CLPs by 11 with a cuppa, blanket and a movie on, hardcore bunch of 20 somethings lol

Thanks to Andy, Jay, Caroline and Irish for your banter - oh and the whiplash from the dogems! x

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