By blowfish


Yes, sir; we have seen him before. Nicky knows bikes and bike parts and here he is doing one of the things he does best, fixing them up (about five minutes before this shot was taken that tire exploded, echoing in the cement-laden shop like a gunshot). Nicky is a great guy and a great leader, to both local riders and to his children, who he often brings along on rides (as the above links clearly illustrate). I hear he and his wife are getting away for a mountain biking trip in the near future and I wish them well!

Indeed, I swung by Trinity today to drop off the DVD of photos that Liz and I took to represent some of their new gear. While I was there with Bryan and Nicky going through the shots, a nice woman came in and talked with us for a while about how she was moving to Fort Worth in the coming weeks and was interested in the local cycling scene. She was just finishing up her PhD in Michigan. We talked about the infrastructure in the area, local eateries, school, and how Fort Worth compares to other cities in terms of bikes and bike-friendliness. As I am never able to properly articulate anything succinctly or clearly in the moment, I just want to reiterate how much I love Fort Worth and the cycling scene here. One thing I tried to explain to her, that may have actually come off well, was how enveloping and welcoming this cycling community has been to myself and Leah. We have met some amazing people here, people like Nicky, people that you will want to know (and ride with) for lifetimes. You all know who you are.


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