Mediterranean Wanderer

By monkeyhanger

Mum's the word.

Mine impresses me more and more each day. Those of you who have seen my blip before will most likely know that my mum is recovering from major surgery. I got to thinking about the last few months since her op. I can't remember any time when she let me know that she was down, scared or nervous.

I never thought of my mum as being tough, but she takes each day by the scruff of the neck and fights hard.

Today we took a bus into the city and went round the National Portrait Gallery and I couldn't resist taking this portrait while we were there.

There are those that make the best of any situation and there are those that don't seem happy unless everything is going wrong. I am happy to report that this fine lady makes her own luck.

We are planning hard to try and get back to Madison and I hope to be getting over to Spain soon to check on her and carry out a little maintenance so she is ready for us when we finally get back. If I get over there I will grab some images for you guys to let you know how it goes.

Take it easy.


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