Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Next Door

Wifie suggested I take a photograph of the sweet peas with raindrops on them. So I did. This is one of the tendrils encircling a drop of water, and in the drop we see our neighbour's house refracted. Also visible is the nose of our black Honda Jazz sat on the drive, and the winter wood store. There's a little bit of colour from the sweet pea flowers. Since the refraction is upside down, I've turned this through 180 degrees.

Until I found this, I was getting a bit itchy for a blip this evening, a slightly on edge feeling as darkness approaches knowing the blip cupboard for the day is distinctly bare. I was in Manchester for a meeting today, and I was determined to get out at lunchtime to find something more urban and possibly even with people in. In the event though the lunchbreak gave way to another teleconference.

Anyway this evening was altogether more pleasant, we had a fish and chip supper supplied by Simon and Jean with little Matthew; and Captain Bill (not Pugwash) also came to tea. It was good to see Billy Boy, and plans are being hatched for an autumn camping trip to Scotland.

Dad is still in hospital and we shall be heading south to visit him over the weekend.

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