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By eyecatching

Schools Out 2/17: Luton Airport

On the way to Tel Aviv. Very tough security as you'd expect. More worrying than the armed guards and the stern interrogators is the psychotically colourful decor of the eatery where we went for breakfast.

Now in holiday mode although a flight and a drive ahead of us before reaching our hotel in Galilee. Very much looking forward to chilling in the countryside tomorrow before activating the full on tourist- explorer genes.

West Side Story finished last night. Fantastic. Great show. "Action" is sitting opposite me taking some very good photographs of items on the table top. He is creative off stage as well on. May have to wrestle my D90 back from him if I am to do any serious blipping the next few days.

Luton Airport .... wasn't that a song .... oh yeah .....

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