By meccanica

anzac day

Like Maad and a number of other kiwi and aussie blippers I made it down to Dawn Parade this morning to remember.

Some see ANZAC Day as a glorification of war. For me it is a peace rally.

I struggled choosing an image from today, which is why I am posting late. i have ended up with one of the most literal images from the group I had narrowed it down too. I wish I had had a monopod or even some string but I'm happy with the results.

The other favourites are here on flickr. Interested to hear what you think if you have the time...

As HERE pointed out - the important thing was being there and taking part.

Had a great day afterwards - I had ridden down, so there was a ride home through deserted streets (like Saturday in 1978). But before that I went to the Settlers Museum across the road from the Cenotaph for a Milo and an ANZAC biscuit and ended up watching a film about the first Grand Prix race held in Dunners in 1953 - fronted by none other than Dougal Stevenson.

After that up the hill to home, a coat of lacquer on the new bathroom cabinet (yes that still isn't finished...), put the kayak on the roof of Leaky and then drove down to the harbour for the first paddle in months (ongoing shoulder injuries...).

Great to sit in the tidal current, drifting with my hands in the grasses that grow just under the surface, no cares on board.

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