Eagleowl saw

By eagleowl


Not the best photo in the world, but the only one I took to document the training run today. As you may know if you have been following by blips, I am running a half marathon ( well actually 14.8 miles) on September 11th. What I didn't realise when I said that I would enter the event, is that by the time of the actual race day I would have done the course 3 times already!

We finished 3/4 hour faster than a fortnight ago, mostly because last time on of the runners was not very well, but insisted on finishing the full course. Having said that we knocked 10 minutes off the first 10 miles, the point at which she was taken ill.

The last full reccie of the course is next Sunday, then I will have a week heat training ( holiday in Portugal ;) ) before the big day.

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