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Still Life With Tomatoes

Quickie Blip

I thought I would let you know that I managed to go the full 24 hours without firing a single shot on Saturday, and was so giddy with my success that I repeated the exercise on Sunday.

I got on with a few jobs around the house though I have barely scratched the surface, and will need to change my routine substantially to make any headway, over a period of time. For example, I spent a fair amount of time working on the pictures I took on trips out last week, and still spent some time on the Blip site looking at journals on my subscription/subscriber lists and making the odd comment.

Still, by breaking my consecutive run I have given myself the freedom to blip or not blip as circumstances and choices dictate, which was the point of the break.

I have not lost my zest for blipping and have several outings in my bucket list.

These exotic Dutch tomatoes have come all the way from Lidl. I had to blip them today as I have plans that may well involve eating them.

Lens: Pentax 50-200mm (Close-up +4)

Blip #504
Consecutive Blip #000
Day #508

1 year ago: Bremhill

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