Hopping around!

By Harebell

Courgettes (at the bottom of the garden)

Hello to our baby courgettes!

The plants were given to us, along with some runner bean plants way back in June. They were a present from my sister-in-law and her partner.

The harebell household were a little awestruck by the prospect of plant rearing, we thought we wouldn't have enough time for any gardening.

Mr H planted them out, away out of sight at the bottom of the garden. Apart from a good dose of observation and a little light watering initially, they have been left to do their thing. And , voila, these little beauties are the result.

It's all green and leafy and overgrown down there, but the beautiful orange flowers manage to stand out. We've had our first runner beans, too. Thanks so much to J and K. (We're so proud.....)

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