An immutable law

It's one of 'Shaw's laws' that it always rains when we go to the Book Festival. (In fact, for those who are interested there are a number of such laws. One is that in a tight football match the team wearing fewest pairs of gloves will win. There is a logic to it which I can explain if asked).

So. We went to Charlotte Square and sure enough it rained buckets. I forgot my coat and had to get Mr A to bring it up for me. Consequently I got wet cycling down from the University. However, I got even wetter cycling home afterwards and I was wearing my coat. But it was coming down in truck loads by then.

Ilan Pappe and his book chronicling the history of a Palestinian family were very impressive and we duly bought the book. We also picked up a few more items of reading in the bookshop, which is mercifully free of the types of marketing gimmicks even the best bookshops use to persuade you to buy only bestsellers and never to venture below the surface. That's what I really like about it.

We are back on Thursday for another event. I advise Edinburgh residents to pack their brollies and waterproofs on that day. However, tomorrow, with no festival-age for us, will probably be sunny.

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