Antony & Cleopatra (again)

So, after the hiccup of the dress rehearsal, discussed with the director the best way to get at least a few shots of the cast in their costumes. We toyed with the idea of a 'social media call' rather like the one NTS did for The Wheel at the Traverse, but thought it would be really difficult to organise with the ultra-tight get-in for the show. In the end it was agreed I should just watch the show and take some pictures. Sitting on the end of the front row, I was a little conscious of the disturbance the camera might be causing to paying punters, so curtailed my shooting to a fraction of what I might have done in a dress rehearsal. And obviously all from the same place so a couple of people were never in a good position as seen from my vantage point to get a good shot. But not too bad in the end. This is J as Mark Antony, with another J in the background as Mark Antony's friend Enobarbus. Earlier in the day met an old family friend who is up from Brighton visiting another friend of hers and seeing something of the festival. Weather was horrendous again so plans to wonder around the Royal Mile with camera between that and A&C were scuppered.

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