Forgot the anorak or does that only apply to train-spotters? Another trip to Cromarty Firth but this time kept to its southern shore. This is a cruise ship, the Costa Deliziosa, moored at Invergordon. The shot was taken across the firth from Newhall Point which is probably the closest it is possible to get on the Black Isle. Invergordon, once the site of a naval mutiny, seems to be getting very popular with cruises. According to a web site it came here from Torshavn in Faroe Islands and will arrive in Amsterdam tomorrow morning. Apart from the rigs also got a shot of Apache II, a cable layer, passing up the firth to the long pier near the industrial estate. And Lady Mathilde a cargo ship was moored at the end of Saltburn Pier. I'm amazed how much there is available on the web about ships and their current positions. At least one site has placed all 3 of these ships in the firth today. On the way back called in at Urquhart old burial ground where some of Alison's relatives are buried and it is the site of PeninsulaLight's blip a few days ago. I'd like to say a saw a badger going round in circles but I didn't so it's still a mystery.

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