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BMX Bandit

Now I know I am one to moan but today was one of the hardest Daddy Days ever. The current uprising of the little people continued today as they got me in a pincer movement and maintained their current campaign to shift the balance of power.

Pick up went well Baby stayed asleep for the first time ever and Toddler was being very good. I know now they were lulling me into a false sense of security. We avoided all possibly loud shops until after an hour when Baby woke and so we headed for the library

Baby was a little grumpy on wake up so I got out some dried fruit for snacks whilst I had a coffee and Toddler did shuttle runs to get different books to read. The dried fruit was not lasting long and every time I tried to put it away Baby started to kick off, even when he was the one putting the lid back on.

I also noticed at this point that if Baby was not holding on to me in some way he was unhappy. Although this is kind of nice it is also like having a moaning growth on your front that is about a stone in weight, which is not so nice. The knock on of the Baby growth is that then Toddler feels a bit left out and so hunts down any other bodily space I may have and takes siege.

Anyway we ploughed through the books and even got a bit of an audience of other children listening in which was ok. Until that was after a nappy change Baby got quite into playing with the water in the low sink and so claimed that his world was about to end on leaving the toilet. At this point we decided to leave and head for the Common.

As we arrived there Toddler required a comfort break, so a wild one was to be the order of the day. Usually this is easy enough to co-ordinate but with a Baby growth it became somewhat harder. It involved me getting Toddler to stand by a bush whilst I parked the buggy a couple of metres away. I then wriggled free of Baby's grasp and dumped him by the buggy. I then raced to Toddler and held her into position whilst keeping an advancing Baby at bay with my leg, so that he did not get in the way of the proceedings. A couple of joggers ran past smirking as I was holding Toddler and screaming at Baby to stay back. I have always thought joggers were idiots, they confirmed this.

I decided that we should try and take things easy and distract Baby by watching the skaters and bikers at the park through the fence whilst we had a snack. The afternoon session was about to start so there was a big queue. It this point Toddler pulled a telling face. A face that told me that the copious amounts of dried fruit had taken effect.

After a quick clean up I was sitting on the floor with a knee for each child watching the most amazing BMX lad. Someone passing said he was a pro and I would not be surprised given the tricks he was doing on fairly small ramps. The height he was getting alone was incredible. I should also point out that in the picture he is not actually on the half pipe but actually the smaller ramps nearer the fence, due to the angle of the shot, and the fact that he is just getting so high, it looks like he is on the higher ramp behind him. Sadly Baby and Toddler growth meant that I could not really get a shot up close and so had to settle for this one as we headed for the Aquarium which as usual was full of the same old fish.

After the fish we headed for home as it started to rain. As I put the rain cover on the buggy both little ones edged off to sleep. I enjoyed a moment of calm as a wet old man in black speedos walked past me on the pavement.

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