Light Shower ...

I hope it doesnt rain tomorrow as it is Eric's birthday tomorrow and it is his special birthday he will be 60 SHHH.

So the boys are taking Eric to play a game of snooker for his birthday treat while myself, Thereza and Laura are going to make a surprise Birthday Party for him.

He will cry his eyes out when he gets home I know for sure ... and if I can keep this a surprise from him that will be a first ... as he always figures a surprise out as he is so nosey.

I even made cupcakes today and told him it was a practice run for Kieran's Birthday Party next weekend, he didnt even ask for one or to loook as he is that busy today ... He must me as slow as a snail ... as I would have asked for one :)

His birthday cake is also wonderful ... look out for Eric's Birthday blip tomorrow around 6pm shhh.

Dont worry he hasnt got time to read my blip today as he is painting the bathroom on his day off and building himself a website this evening, haha.

This is going to be fun... fun ... fun.

Yesterdays blip ... Pretty Purple.

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