Mrok's photo of the day

By Mrok


Same old same old, the daytime I mean as Mrs.Mrok was at work. Woke up with the kids did the usual morning tasks, then some playing outside and visiting nearby small grocery store and other shop renewing the lottery for the weekend. Back home to prepare the lunch etc.

After Mrs.Mrok returned home the girls went upstairs and we had a small mancave moment with U as brought my Steamroller to the living room for tire change. It was raining outside so this was way easier this way ;)

Listened some brilliant modern jazz (Endangered Blood by Jim Black) and replaced the old and worn 28mm Conti Ultrasports to new 25mm Gatorskins. After dinner wenr for a two and half hour test ride to the rain and tires felt good. Bit harder and easier rolling due to little higher pressure but overall felt positive about the change. Also hope that these will last longer and the better puncture resistance will fight the "killer sand/rocks" they use here to fight the ice and will remain at the streets next spring..

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