Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw


I rather liked this abandoned green tray beside a raised bed. Not in my garden just in case you are wondering, but where I found the teasels last week. I thought they were thistles, but found out yesterday they weren't so just in time to change the entry before the five day edit deadline.

Struggling along with Blipping at the moment, quite hard to post one every day. I realised this evening that I am exactly midway between two Blip milestones. This is entry 865, half way between 730 (2 years of Blips) and the 1,000 blue camera icon.

The Malaga chocolates yesterday ... found out the filling might be plum rather than raisin. Whatever, they still taste VERY good, even though the calorie count might be high (thank you Shine-A-Light for pointing this out).

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