By blowfish


So, then, my eyes can barely stay open and I have eaten six Advil today to combat the heat/lack-of-sleep-induced headaches. Driving to two separate campuses (three different ones on Mondays) in 47 C heat (yes, this is a correct reading, I shit you not). Where does the 'Fall' go in 'Fall term' exactly? I tell you what, man, this fucking state and its unholy sun. And this was just day one... (there is a wee rhyme).

So, then, a recap? Not at the moment--can we do it tomorrow over beers after my morning Faculty meeting? That's not too early for beers, right? Thankfully, though, tomorrow night I am taking Leah out for sushi as she also completes a stressful week with the taking of a major exam tomorrow morning.

So, then, why did I not Blip some University facade, or classroom scene, or even just something as basic as a deskleg? Not so sure of those reasons, perhaps I sought a more Jennie approach, a soothing study in the geometry of color. The elementary shades of angularities. What is the word you all use over there, 'knackered?' Well, right now, I am that a hundredfuckingfold over.

So, then, bare with me. Bare with me on lack of comments (I am viewing your beautiful stuff, however, good friends). Bare with me on seemingly negative speech--I am loving my new life as doctoral student/underpaid adjunct instructor. Really. Let me just splash my face with some cold water and lean against something durably colorful as I blow it dry with that form of generated air that makes you appreciate the inorganic touting of vast industry.

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