Spring Bouquet of Blossom

Another mild day with a slight haze in the sky and another spring blossom shot from me - perhaps too many, but for now as I recover from the flu they are the most accessible, hope I'm not boring you.

I did a little bit more gardening today, some washing and tidying up in the house and I was going to wash my car but I sat down with a warm lemon drink and just lost my energy, the car can wait.

I attempted a job which is going to be big and has to be completed by Tuesday evening - packing up our house, well not entirely all of it but enough for the arrival of new carpet throughout on Wednesday. We have far to many belongings and its going to take some time packing up the glassware and all the special little knick knacks which are all breakable - I would be most upset if any were to break so out comes the bubble wrap and away we go, its a bit tedious.

Hubby went to work today and hasn't arrived home so guess he must be feeling alot better. I have coughed less but have still been a bit slow. I apologise for not commenting as much lately, I was sitting here last night and just felt my eyes drooping, blip was on the 'go slow' and I needed my bed - I will catch up in time.

Friday is here and so is the weekend - Have a great weekend everyone :)

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