a town called E.

By Eej

Tyler Field - August 1980

Football practise started before school did, and he lasted maybe two days. Part of that was a not-entirely healed knee from swinging on a rope (and falling) in the barn shortly before moving to Paw Paw. The other part was that it was noisy and loud and he didn't care for that.
Football was not for him.

Tyler Field, however, was.
They'd climb over the wall to watch the games without paying for it. Just for the thrill of it.Teenagers. You know.
And once they lifted a parked VW beetle into a spot between a pole and a tree, making it impossible for the owner to get to it. Or get it out.

In 2011 football is being played at Falan Field, behind what is now the middle school - which used to be the high school, and Tyler Field is mostly there for community purposes.

And reminiscing.

Happy anniversary to Anita & Jeroen and Ina & Gejus, happy birthday to Micha and happy immigranniversary to me!

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