Englishman in Bandung

By Vodkaman

emergency repair

I was just going out to hunt down some food, when the strap of my right desert wellie snapped. ?oh bother? I said to myself. On close inspection, the stitched leather loop had failed, but repairable. I had some extra strong thread and a pair of pliers to assist in sewing the leather. The operation was a success.

Not the first repair to these well worn friends. They have been a part of my feet for many years and are definitely suffering and really need putting down, but alas, it seems that the rest of my footwear collection has been mislaid, lost in transit or discarded. To my mild shock and amusement, it seems that these sorry sandals are my only protection from the cruel earth. So shocking is the deterioration, I think I am going to have to feature them in a future blip. I will try to post late in the day, to avoid putting you off your lunch.

The popular local footwear are those flip flops that posh hotels provide in the bathrooms or you see being worn around swimming pools or beaches. The guy who owns the flip flop factory must be well minted, shoeing a nation of two hundred million citizens were nine out of ten wear his flip flops. Actually, I bet the numbers are closer to 99 out of 100. Well, that is today?s blip sorted, I?ll save plan A for a future blip.


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