By ArcLight

Stark light

This is a seriously photogenic city. This has been the third consecutive day of bright bright sunshine which means we have been outstandingly lucky with the weather. I wanted to find a picture which really captured the stark bright light from the sky combined with the reflected light off the sea. My chosen subject was the new concert hall, the Harpa, where we had a welcome from the President of Iceland and a reception on Thursday evening. It's unusual for being a dramatic modern building. There are not many of those here. But despite its scale - huge - in a tiny city, it sits comfortably in its maritime context.

I have a free day tomorrow. I expect it's going to rain....

Update. It did. Rain. Oh boy, did it rain. Anyway, partly for my own records I'm including here a review of Harpa published in the Observer the day after I posted this blip.

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