There is nothing quite so depressing as August Bank Holiday Monday in Edinburgh. It almost always rains. I almost always have meetings to go to. Although a few dregs of the Fringe remain, the vast majority of venues are packing up. The BBC is packing up. There are removal vans and long wheel based vans wherever you look. But some people still soldier on in the rain.

Thankfully, I am away for a bit now, and by the time I return Edinburgh will hopefully be back to its usual self.

And finally, a new feature to stop me getting bored with blipping (a bit of a danger at the moment as I approach the two year point). I subscribe to an RSS feed from The Browser which sends me a regular selection of good things to read from around the net that I might have missed (there are particularly good things from the US that I miss - i.e. they don't come through on various twitter feeds or via facebook). I'm going to select one thing I've read each day. Makes sure that I don't leave my Google Reader feeds unread, and also provides a record over the months of the things I think are interesting. First off, a piece from the Economist on 'linguistic archaeology' - where our languages come from.

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