Mandeville Bridge

The Mandeville Footbridge was constructed in 1874 to provide access for pedestrians and school children across the Kaiapoi River as the main road bridge was unreliable. The bridge is named after the nearby Mandeville hotel which has now been demolished after being severly damaged in  September 4th 2010 earthquake, I think a rebuild maybe in the making.

I have always admired this sign depicting the native trees and plantings along the river bank, possibly made in copper.

I was disappointed by our day today, fog greeted me as I opened the curtains this morning and a thick heavy cloud seem to loom over our town all day. I had planned on getting out and taking a few shots, my first day out for well over a week after having the flu. I went out but was disappointed lots of shots with thick heavy shadow perhaps I should've headed to the sea - Ah well, the sign of the Mandeville Footbridge it is.

Hope your all having a great weekend, Sunday will be drawing to a close here soon and I'm feeling quite weary after my busy day of packing up china and moving boxes yesterday - a quieter day for me coming up I think :)

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