Arnside and beyond

By gladders


A pair of emerald damselflies resting on an Iris leaf, at Foulshaw Moss. The male is grasping the female. I wasn't clear if they had already mated and laid the eggs (oviposited) in the pool, or whether this was just the beginning of coitus. When coitus is under way, the female's abdomen will curl round to link with the second segment of the male where the exchange of sperm will take place - the so-called wheel position.

The t'ree fellas went back to Foulshaw Moss this morning, where we met up with Brokenbanjo. We had several targets, all of which were achieved. To see:

Dragons and damsels - we saw numerous black darters, including mating pairs ovipositing in the pools. We also found a Common Hawker

Lizards - there were quite a few on the boardwalk.

Snakes - one adder located under a piece of corrugated iron.

Deer - several roe deer seen, plus numerous droppings of red deer

Ospreys - two seen, including one landing in the huge platform of twigs that they have built.

We then went home for a late lunch before going down to Leighton Moss to see some more birds, and for Wifie to have a cappaccino.

The two smaller fellas are going back home tomorrow. We have stayed clear of mountain bikes and thereby avoided mishap and injury. The little fella has had some encounters with deer, and best of all Pam and Bern have given him the antler of a red deer with 4 tynes which he is very pleased with. Thank you P & B, he's a very happy lad.

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