2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Illegal Heron

As I came out of the gym this morning, I saw two herons land on the roof of another building in the business park. I put my kit in the car, collected my camera and tried to get a bit closer.

As I took the third photo (still quite a long way away), the mobile security man stopped his land rover and told me off. Apparently you are not allowed to take photos of the buildings in the business park. I did explain that I only wanted to take pictures of the herons (luckily they stayed put and backed up my alibi). This is not a top secret site - it backs on to the river and has a cycle path and road through it. There's also a nature reserve, canoe centre and the Thameside path nearby.

Didn't realise that blipping could be such an illegal hobby.

So here you have an illegal heron (please avert your gaze from the bit of building!).

But of course, if you look at Google Street View you'll see the building that I couldn't take a photo of!


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