Constant Exposure

By constant

Afternoon Slumber

Emma likes to nap. She'll even put herself to bed, if need be. Today she napped on the couch, just as you see her. She looked so beautiful and calm that I had to try to capture the moment.

Just before I put her to bed tonight, I showed her the picture. I told her how much I liked it, how I can look back at the it when she is older and remember my Little Emma, and how happy that would make me. As I carried her up to her room she lifted her head off my shoulder and rubbed her eyes. "My eyes are melting.", she said - meaning they were tearing. "Why?", I asked. She replied, "Because of the sad thing you said". I was shocked that she had empathised with me, she knew something would be lost. I held her tight and told her it was okay.

I will miss my Little Emma, very much.

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