Candle Light

I can't begin to say all that happened today.So I shan't, suffice to say it started well before my normal hours as I was expecting just Emily to stay the night ... I found I was wrong by 2.
Then as usual on days when you want them to be leisurely,ordered and planned it quite quickly disintegrated ..and it was all the better for it ..
I want to talk about mine and Sheddys wonderful trip around a rainfilled Castle Ashby Gardens.
About Shy's eventual success with the OU HOORAY !!!
About the arrival of my daughter Emily, Lance and Jen
About the Candle Party at Abigail's where we could not look at one another for fear of having hysterics, how Shedders was shaking silently on the settee next to me trying to breath .
How we had a very late Curry and had such talks and laughter it was wonderful and a total surprise that it had got to 3.30am in the morning ...
this is Jen listening to Sheddy, with Emily too, waiting for our candle-lit supper

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