Lynn and Her Class

We visited my friend Lynn today, to see her condo and pictures from her recent trip to Brazil. (She's also in this blip--far left rear, with her drumming group. She went to Brazil with several of them. )

I was struck by this framed photo, clearly a thank-you present from a class. Lynn's in the picture, but you'll notice she's not wearing a normal teacher's outfit (view it all large). In fact she's a dental hygienist (we met when she first cleaned my teeth), and she's wearing her work scrubs; she gave a class on dental hygiene to these first graders at a local elementary school, and they evidently appreciated it!

Lynn said the high point of the class was when she demonstrated making a cast of a set of teeth--she made the negative, and then the positive--and they were blown away!

My ornithologist friend, who comments by e-mail, noted that the class includes two Phoebes and one Robin (fun for me as a bird photographer :)

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