Alice in Blipland

By Alicemaylara

A wise old dog

Or not! this was taken just before he went after a sheep and came back with the longest tongue in the world after barking at the sheep for about 15 minuets. On the up side the weather improved alot this evening so it meant i was out for longer.

Im staying at my parents this weekend and its amazing. I have hot water, free food and the internet. I forget how nice it is to live without having to worry about money and the feeling of a house rather than a flat is just so much nicer. I'm looking forward to lighting a wood fire tonight and settling infront of the telly.

Im a but sad though. I took a few action shots with my camera but they were blurred and it doesnt appear to have a 'sports' setting. My other camera did and it was great.

My friend loved the presents i got her for her 23rd birthday. I'm really glad. Shes had a tough few years and she deserves to be treated.

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