Falkirk wheel

We head Chloe staying last night. When we got up this morning we decided to head to Blair Drummond Safari Park. It should only be twenty five minutes from our house, however when we had spent over an hour in a queue of traffic between junctions 9 and 10 on the M9 only to find out that the queues were just as bad after coming off the motorway and we still had five miles to go we decided to give up.

We stopped in at Dobbies so the kids could use the loo and bought some plants for the garden, then we changed direction and headed for the Falkirk Wheel instead. It's apparently the only Canal lift of it's type. It's quite an impressive feat of engineering. There's a really good kids play park there and, since we were there anyway, we decided to get a family ticket for the canal trip up in the wheel. It wasn't the most exciting trip ever but I'm glad we did it.

When we finally finished we dropped Chloe off home where Sam cooked us dinner. Time for a relaxing evening now getting ready to head back to work after four days off.

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