While on my runs

By waipushrink

Welcome to Auckland

This morning I chose a different route which early on took me through Myers Park, where (I had just discovered) there is a statue of Moses. This is a copy of the original by Michaelangelo. A very unusual sight in a South Pacific island nation.

I then continued through the length of the park which basically takes one from K Road down the hill almost as far as the largest open space in the central city. After a bit of running on Queen Street, I came to Aotea Square. Here is where teams arriving in Auckland for the Rugby World Cup 2011 are being officially welcomed. Behind the crowd control barriers is a tent with a stage.

This magnificent carved arch, which serves as a symbolic entry to the square, is known as "Waharoa", which means gateway. It was made from wood and copper by Selwyn Muru, a Maori sculptor, and is described as an expressionist version of a traditional Maori entry gate. It features symbols like birds, fish and the crescent moon and stars. It also has elements which reflect modern influences on New Zealand life and art.

On the other side of the right hand pillar is a poem by Hone Tuwhare, a great New Zealand poet. I have copied it for interested visitors to read.

Kaati te whenguwhengu
ake iraronao
te awatipi haere
Pikamai e te ua
o te whatu
katakata mai

your snivelling
creek bed;
come rain hail
& flood-water
laugh again

(Hone Tuwhare)

I symbolically welcome visitors to my journal to Auckland for the Cup, and hope the games are fair and enjoyable, and New Zealand wins.

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