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A wee boat

Repetition is becoming a bit of a theme this week. I've posted this wee boat before although it was so different that day that I doubt anyone would remember it. Still, it's not a pair of spanners.

A breeze getting to work this morning. Literally. Blown along by the wind and arrived at work three minutes faster than normal. I was hoping the wind would have dropped a bit by the time I was due to head home but it had picked up and the rain started just as I was out the door so the price was paid in slogging back to the car, although it only took a minute longer.

Other than that work was reasonably good fun with a new project to get into and a fine lunchtime gas at TTT with TFP, wingpig, justsitting, Tonto, Silverback, and the bringer of preserves, EcoDad. Crazy plans were outlined for laps of Arthur's Seat, visits to every trig point in Edinburgh. Aye, mibbe in another 10 kilos I'll think about it.

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