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Well, OK, I don't actually live here, more's the pity. Home briefly, and then out again to join a select coterie of the old chums, and to reminisce down at Leith. Not that we only look to the past. Naw naw. Well, mind you the 20yo Glenrothes was the top squaff of the evening. Not to be confused with Glenrothes in Fife. Though confusion was never far away, it must be reported. There was Mortlach and Glenmorangie too. And I think a Laphroaig at some point.
Tomorrow though, I've to be up fresh and bright. I believe a most excellent whisky awaits a supping down by the sea, and I have secured a front row seat. I must look out some music. Cannae whack a good old bit of Ron Gonella, as my dad always said.

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