Peter's Ponderings

By Lofty

There's a lot in this world i don't understand

Day 11 - Rest!

My head hurts...

With two days in hand, we decided to cash one in, and visit Corte - the old capitol of Corsica, and birth place of Napoleon!

After the last week and a half, sitting on a train, and then walking around a crowded town without a bag on my back was a very strange experience.

Not as strange however, as what we found inside the Citadel museum. As we were doing the trip on a shoe-string budget, we didn't buy the audio guide. So when we came around the corner to find this (pictured), we were, and still are completely baffled..........

Any ideas?

As the temperature hit 40 degrees in town, we found a little air conditioned cafe which sold cold pizza and who gave us jug after jug of ice cold water - the Corsicans know how to cure a hangover!

That night we were in our beds by 8pm, and fast asleep not long after. Not even the party downstairs could stop me.

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