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Zoo Trip #16: Marwell Wildlife

Earlier this month, for Zoo Trip #15, I went to Marwell Wildlife to see three snow leopard cubs that had just been taking their first tentative steps in public view. I had been hoping for a shot like this one, but, alas, they failed to put in an appearance.

Since then I have been waiting for an opportunity to return, both when it was practical for me to go and when the conditions were most favourable for them to be out and about. That day came today and I set off this morning. This time I went round the zoo counter-clockwise so that I came early to the snow leopard enclosure and could return to it a second time if necessary.

As it happens, the cubs chose to stay hidden away again. One had apparently appeared in a doorway again, momentarily, and that was that. Their mother was curled up on a ledge in a spot difficult to photograph, and another female was on another. Third time lucky?

Of course, there are plenty of other animals to view and I took 197 shots of which I have so far edited 27, and have chosen this Amur tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) to blip. I may link to some alternatives when I have chosen them, but in the meantime I have put a link to the set, which will grow as I edit more pictures.

Blip #520
Consecutive Blip #002
Day #539

Marwell Wildlife, 15 September 2011 (Flickr set)

Lens: 70-300mm Sigma

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