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The temptation to blip over the last few days has been quite strong, but I have been disciplined and got on with other stuff that needed doing and made some small headway. However, it was time to go out with my camera today.

I have been past the new Caen Hill Marina several times since I pictured it before... to see if it had yet been filled with water, but it was always still dry.

When I checked in today I spoke to one of the men from a boat moored in Foxhangers Wharf who told me that they had started to fill the marina on September 1st. For a day or so there had been little more than a puddle slowly trickling over the surface of the vast marina and progress had been slow as there hadn't been sufficient water in the canal to allow faster progress, however during the day it had finally reached something approaching its full quota, so I had returned at just the right time.

I couldn't take the picture from exactly the same spot as it had been cordoned off, in fact I had to go past a couple of signs forbidding me to go any further to get to this spot, but I did have the nodded acquiescence of a nearby official.

Now the marina is full of water it will stand empty for a couple of weeks to see if there any leaks that require tending to, and then it will be open.

Blip #519
Consecutive Blip #000
Day #538

Pontoon *
Caen Hill Marina With Lens Flare
Men At Work On The Canal *
Man At Work *
Lady Peggy (Slight Return) *

A Visit To Caen Hill Marina, 14 September 2011
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Lens: Pentax 12-24mm, Sigma 70-300mm*

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